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Health Screening

Screen all employees for proof of vaccine cards, test results and a health questionnaire prior to each work day, as well as reduce the cost of unnecessary testing if recently screened. All in a safe, secure and HIPAA compliant way.


Real Time Tracking of work hours

Instantly upload and make available call sheets, sides, maps, documents and more to your cast and crew. Assign who can access what information is available to whom, automatically notify them with any changes.


Contactless Documentation and Electronic Signatures

Automate check in for individuals on arrival and completion of electronic documents such as contracts, NDA's, employment identification, and background vouchers. PDF of call sheets, sides, schedules and maps can be easily uploaded for access. At the end of the day, upon checkout, the app will tally the number of hours worked, minus meals, and added bumps for easy recordkeeping and payroll purposes.


Delegate Responsibilities to Admins

Certain crew members can be assigned limited administrative capabilities to oversee different teams and manage specific responsibilities directly from set.


Screening Test Tracking

Keep track of your personal test results and submit to productions immediately for clearance to work. Reduce unnecessary testing and downtime between paid jobs. Everything is safe, secure and in a HIPAA compliant way.


Contactless Documentation and Electronic Signatures

Allow for virtual check in and completion of electronic documents such as contracts, NDA's, employment identification, and background vouchers. Easily access call sheets, sides, schedules and maps uploaded by production. At the end of the day, check out virtually, recording your hours.


Work History Recordkeeping

Keep track of your days worked on productions, including hours worked and documentation so that you can keep track of your hours worked and payments due.


Improved Communication from Set

No longer isolated without updates from set if working remotely, in different locations, or if you are an actor in a trailer or in holding, with the Announcement feature, you can now get updates when scenes change, when breaks are announced for meals, and if there is an issue with safety, you can anonymously report it to the Health Safety Officer without fear of repercussion.


Improved Communication from Set

With the Announcement feature, the 1st A.D. can now send mass notifications of scenes change, start of meals, wrap, and any other updates to specific teams, departments or the entire production, eliminating the need to go find and tell each individual and particularly useful when there are team members working remotely.


Tracking of Assigned Items

Assign without contact and keep a digital record of props, wardrobe, walkie talkies, and other items that are loaned out to others by simply scanning their QR codes. Contactless and paperless, this ensures return of all items at the end of the day.


Screen Tests

Production and assigned Health Safety Officers will receive a secure copy of all employee health screening test and questionnaires. They can also add new reports performed on site and send new requests for employees in different Zones when due. Everything is safe, secure and in a HIPAA compliant way.


Customizable Tasks and Responsibilities

Production can delegate numerous tasks and administrative capabilities to different and multiple crew members as needed by production size and demand. Ability to communicate en masse, track assigned items, verify document submissions, manually override issues or mark an individuals' task list items as completed, among other tasks can be assigned.


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To help ensure a safe working environment for all filming productions.

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